Welcome to iRockMS a special project to help persons with Multiple Sclerosis improve knowledge, incease activity and stay  healthy  and fit.

If you have Multiple Sclerosis, you know that your deams and ambitions continue far beyond your diagnosis. And because of the disease, you must make some changes. Because MS affects each person differently, those changes  vary from peson to person.

Some basic core principals about MS do exist. Knowing these are usually helpful in managing your time, energy, pacing, and life.

When you live your MS life to its fullest, YOU ROCK MS!

You’ve figured out just how to be happy and productive – and you can be both a comfort and an inspiration to others.

Your journey with MS can  manifest itself in a number of ways including anger and denial, but once you learn to ‘respect’ he disease, you can branch out to new beginnings.

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Best personal regards,

Barclay Burrow